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Zirconium Abutments and Cement-able Crowns

Our dental implant team is worldwide trusted for its premium quality, affordable, customized zirconium abutments and cement-able crowns. Since the day we initiated our operations to date, we have always been focused on providing outstanding quality dental implant restorations to patients across the world and help restore their beautiful smiles.

iDental Lab entire team believes in sharing smiles and what could be a better way to do that than restoring smiles of dental patients across the globe. To maintain the top-notch quality and affordability, we have adopted advanced dental equipment and international standard manufacturing practices. We are honored that leading dentists and dental clinics from all over the world trust us for their patients, and we ensure that we always deliver the premium quality dental implant restorations that are expected from an implant dental laboratory.

A-Class Quality Dental Implants

Our team’s top priority has always been to ensure that every dental implant component is designed with the same level of superior quality that we are renowned all over the world.

Our dental technicians and master ceramist invest both time and effort to ensure that our patient specific implant restorations are designed to utmost perfection and accuracy. Our dental design and construction team utilizes modern dental technology and procedures, which ensures that every dental implant restoration (regardless of the complexity of the case) is designed according to the exact specification. Our customized zirconia abutments and cement-able crowns do not only feel comfortable in the patient’s mouth from the very first fitting but also look completely natural.

iDental Lab – State-Of-The-Art Dental Laboratory

Thanks to our state-of-the-art facilities, dentist and dental clinics can easily send their patients’ digital dental impression with the help of all the majority used intraoral scanners. Our dental team utilizes digital dental impressions to design and construct patient-specific dental implant restorations.

Our team of highly experienced and qualified implant dental technicians have successfully handled even the most complex customized zirconium abutments and cement-able crowns cases of patients not only from the United States but from all over the world.

For more information about iDental Lab implant laboratory services and procedures, please contact us via our website.