Zirconia Custom Implant Abutments

Here at iDental Lab, we strive to cater to you and your patients in a very unique way. Specialising in complete restorative of dental implants, we take each individual case into our own hands. Our highly experienced and talented implant technicians working in our facility, make sure to personally handle each case with care. For 3D model printing or milling custom implant abutments, all processes are performed directly in our facility, we do not use any third-party laboratories.

Continuing with our personalised and unique services offered, iDental Lab only needs 10 days in our laboratory to design and mill zirconia custom implant abutments, crowns, 3D model printing, and cement retained or screw retained implant restorations. Other dental laboratories may need at least one month to restore implant cases.

We are loyal to each of our clients and thrive on being able to provide you with the best service and product that we possibly can. Since we are not physically able to see your patients mouth, we can only guarantee a perfect fit on the model whether it’s the one you trimmed, master die model poured from your PVS impressions, or 3D model printed from your digital impressions.

You also have the option to send us digital impressions from the most popular intraoral scanners or PVS impressions.

iDental Lab offers many different types of implant restorations. You are able to pick and select any combination from our custom implant abutment selections and crown material selections. Also, as we do mention on our website, we have pre-selected abutment and crown combinations to facilitate your selection. We are also able to help you choose the best combinations for you and your patient. Making sure that each zirconia custom implant abutments are digitally designed and milled to properly fit each patients’ unique condition.

Please, feel free to contact us at iDental Lab at any time and don’t forget to ask us about our free shipping programs to anywhere in the world.

All it will take us is only a few hours to have our zirconia custom implant abutments delivered. No matter where you may be located in the world, we will provide you with the most excellent service and quality products, delivered promptly to your location, and we even have free shipping! We use the most efficient and trusted shipping company in the world to make sure that they will securely deliver to you. iDental Lab is available to answer any questions you may have. If you have shade photos to share with your assigned and dedicated technician, please email us the photos or drop them at our Dropbox folder. Please contact us if you would like to discuss your implant cases with one of our implant specialists. You may contact us by filling out the website contact form, and one of our implant specialists will contact you as soon as possible. We at iDental Lab want to thank you and look forward to speaking with you!

CAD CAM Customized Zirconia Abutments
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