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Wellington Implant Dental Laboratory

The right Wellington implant dental laboratory for your local dental practice is one that promotes clear communication and diligent planning for every restoration project that they take on. You need to be working with a lab that can provide a quality finished product which is also turned around fairly quickly.

Here at iDental Lab, we provide these — and other — benefits for the many dental practices that we work with. Not only are we a trusted Wellington implant dental laboratory, but we’re also a global resource, leaned upon by practices all over the world.

iDental Lab is laser focused on quality implant restoration and customer service when we work with each one of our clients. When you work with our team, you are benefitting from:

  • A skilled staff of technicians that specialize in dental implants. We welcome all types of cosmetic restorations, but we’re a proven asset when it comes to implant restorations — and it shows. Your project will get the personal attention of a single technician from start to finish.

  • A streamlined process. We’re able to effectively serve dental practices regardless of what continent they are on because we have developed a seamless process that includes every step, from accepting digital files and carrying out the project in our state-of-the-art lab to shipping it out directly to your doorstep. You’ll find that this process is simple and headache-free.

  • Transparent, competitive pricing. When it comes to pricing, we don’t play games with the practices we work with. We are up-front and transparent about the cost of each project and do not try to sneak in hidden fees.

We invite you to put your trust in iDental Lab as your choice Wellington implant dental laboratory servicing Wellington New Zealand. We will work tirelessly to provide you with quality dental implants that will benefit your patients, transforming both their smiles and their self-confidence. Reach out to our team via email, phone or through our online form. Someone will follow up with you as soon as possible.

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iDental Implant Laboratory