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Wellington Cosmetic Dental Laboratory

It’s important to find the right fit in a Wellington cosmetic dental laboratory to serve as a strategic partner for your practice. These are the professionals that will be tasked with creating beautiful, natural-looking restorations for your patients.

If your practice is searching for a dental laboratory, then we invite you to entrust iDental Lab with your restoration cases. At iDental Lab, we boast a worldwide presence, working alongside dentists all across the globe.

However, local practices can plan on the same close, personal service that they might expect from a locally-based Wellington cosmetic dental laboratory in Wellington New Zealand. iDental Lab truly provides the best of both worlds.

About iDental Lab and our full-service cosmetic dental restoration laboratory

The following is a little bit of information about iDental Lab and why we are such an effective partner for dental practices around the world.

  • While iDental Lab provides a wide range of cosmetic dental restoration services, we specialize in implant restoration. We will provide quality restorations for all brands and types of implants.

  • Our team strives to make the lives of our clients easier. We know operating a dental practice is a lot of work. We streamline the process of collecting information for each case and then we go to work providing quick turnaround for our clients. It’s simple and easy for you the entire way.

  • iDental Lab is home to a cutting-edge lab, innovative equipment and only the highest quality materials that are used for our restorations. All of these materials are approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

  • We provide upfront, transparent pricing that does away with hidden fees. On top of that, we ship cases out for free to all of our regular clients, helping you save a little extra money.

We want local dental practices to consider iDental Lab as their friendly, hometown Wellington cosmetic dental laboratory in Wellington New Zealand that is ready to help them provide superior care for their patients. Connect with our team right now via phone, e-mail or through our online form.

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