Remake Policy

All remakes will be at no charge except under the following circumstances.  If a remake is requested:

  • After the laboratory deemed the provided case materials incomplete, not recommended, and/or unsatisfactory and customer elects to proceed with the completion of the case without making any adjustment, refuses a try-in, or does not supply requested materials
  • After laboratory inquired about the margin or impression, but were instructed to “do the best we can” and make the case
  • When the doctor trimmed the die and/or the master model was provided
  • When the metal try-in was approved and returned to us for completion
  • When restoration was not seated by the same doctor that sent the case for fabrication
  • When bridges where the pontic unit(s) had not been extracted or allowed sufficient healing time prior to the impression being taken
  • After the doctor instructed us to adjust the opposing due to a lack of clearance, or adjust the abutment due to a lack of clearance, lack of parallelism, undercut, or other reason
  • If the crown fabricated under a partial/designed to an existing partial, where the actual partial is not provided to laboratory
  • Because the customer requests a tooth shade or impression/file different from the original request
  • Due to treatment plan or material change from the original request.
  • Greater than 60 days from invoice date
  • For immediate/surgical partials or dentures or treatments with healing extractions
  • Because the appliance fits the model, but does not fit in the mouth
  • And the remake reason is not specified, original materials or appliance(s) are not returned to laboratory
  • Remake Policy will not apply to any account past due. Laboratory reserves the right in its sole discretion to refuse accepting any new cases and processing remake cases until the balance is paid in full and the account is current.
  • A non-refundable charge will apply if the original appliance/crown is not returned at the time of remake request.
  • Any case stopped mid-production will be charged based on the amount of work completed at the time the call to stop the case was received.
  • Laboratory can amend the remake policy at its sole discretion and without prior notice.

Important Note: If your current laboratory is constantly asking for a new impression or having to return back for remake with new impressions, then don’t contact us yet. You will need to resolve your impression issues before you contact us. By switching to a different implant dental laboratory because you are having issues with impressions will not solve the problem.

Laboratory warrants

  • That all crown and bridge restorations and removable prosthetics, and other devices will be constructed according to the prescribing dentist’s specifications.
  • Will repair or replace any product that fails due to defects in materials or workmanship, such as chipped or cracked porcelain, broken acrylic and/or a tooth falling out of removable appliance, within a period of one year from date of invoice, with an exception to orthodontic appliances are warranties for a period of 90 days from date of invoice
  • The warranty will be void for removable prosthetics fabricated without a try-in/setup
  • Laboratory is not responsible for any additional costs or fees associated with adjustments, repairs and replacement of dental devices.
  • Laboratory does not warrant that such devices are fit for any particular purpose
  • The warranty is not transferable and does not extend to any patients
  • The Warranty does not cover any harm arising from the misuse of the product in any form/way
  • The Warranty covers only the original specifications
  • Laboratory can amend the policy at its sole discretion and without prior notice

Payment Policy

Prompt payment is necessary in order to maintain a good working relationship.

  • Each case will be returned with an invoice. For regular clients, a statement will be provided at the end of each month. Payment of the statement balance is due by the 21th day of the month. Regular clients are those clients who send at least 5 (five) cases or more every month. All other non-regular clients, payment is due in full upon receipt of the products or services.
  • Past due accounts shall bear an interest rate of 1.5% per month or maximum allowed by law, until the balance is paid in full.
  • Accounts more than thirty (30) days past due may require a delinquent account holder to pay a deposit for existing or continuing orders. Clients agree to pay all outstanding balances, plus any reasonable attorney’s fees and costs associated with collecting the balance or monies owed.
  • Returned checks will be assessed the maximum fee permitted by law plus any associated bank costs/fees in addition to interest rate for past due amount. After a returned check, only Bank Check or Money Order will be accepted.
  • Failure to timely notify and return the appliance to laboratory for remake or repair within thirty (30) days of receipt of the item shall constitute acceptance of the appliance.
  • A credit card is required on file, but will not be used to make payment on the account without notice. If an account becomes more than 30 days past due, and there is no contact from the office – the balance due will be placed on the card.
  • We accept Check, ACH, bank transfer, Zelle, and all major Credit Cards – call our office to inquire about automatic credit card payments. A credit card fee may apply. All credit card payments must sign the Credit Card Authorization form.
  • The laws of the State of Nevada will govern this transaction, and venue shall be in Las Vegas Nevada.

Refund Policy

The cost of fabricating dental restorations cannot be refunded. Parts and implant components are not refundable unless the product can be returned to the retailer for credit.

No Extra Shipping Charges Program

Domestic (contiguous US): Must be Full Time Clients • Premium and First Level of Fee Schedules • Account in good standing • Repair, adjustment, remake that are not laboratory fault • At the discretion of the laboratory management.

The Rest and International: Ship at least 4 units per shipment (all 4 units must be have the same return date) or complete implant restorations • Account in good standing • Repair, adjustment, remake that are not laboratory fault • At the discretion of the laboratory management.

Disclaimer and Copyright

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