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Even though we are located in Las Vegas, Nevada, shipping cases to us should not be more difficult than shipping across town or states. We will provide and assist you in every possible way to make the process easier. We will designate a customer service representative to your office to handle all your needs, and he or she will assist you from your initial contact with us to the safe return of your case to your address. In addition, our carrier may provide you the shipping supplies so that you will not need to prepare anything.

Please print out the lab slip form from our website. You can download it to your computer so you can print and use it repeatedly. When you are ready to send cases to us, simply contact us to request a shipping label. Since it can involve crossing international borders, we will include commercial invoices with shipping labels. All you have to do is print all pages in “actual size” and insert it into a pouch provided by our shipping courier. (Please do not print label as “fit to page”, as it will blow up to full page. Please select “actual size” from your printer.)

We use arguably the best and most reliable courier in the world because we understand the value of your cases. Sending your cases back to you intact is our ultimate goal; therefore, we use the safest and fastest method instead of the most economical method. Typically, your cases will arrive at our location within two days from anywhere around the world, or almost at the same time as they would arrive at your local implant dental laboratory across town. Since we immediately start the process under the same roof, we only need 10 days in the laboratory to complete implant dental restorations. This is much faster than most other implant dental laboratories that need to send the cases out to other vendors to mill custom implant abutments.

Please contact us today to get started. Fill out our contact form on our website. We are open when you are open. You can contact us through the website contact form, Skype, telephone, fax, email, smartphone apps (Whatsapp, Viber), iMessage, and much more.

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