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Polyvinyl Siloxane Impressions (PVS Impressions)

At iDental Lab, we accept most types of impressions such as alginate impressions, digital impressions, and polyvinyl siloxane impressions as known as PVS impressions. Implant restoration cases with polyvinyl siloxane impressions (PVS), must be full arch impressions and opposing model must be included with all cases. For cases involving anterior restorations, we would need a study model as well. Before you take polyvinyl siloxane impressions, be sure to wipe out any blood or liquid, be sure it is free of void, and that all margins are captured and clearly visible all around. You may send open tray impressions or closed tray impressions for all implant restorations, although we prefer open tray impressions. Please be sure to include impressions coping and laboratory analog or laboratory replica analog and abutment.

At iDental Lab, we need every detail about the implant fixtures including size, implant platform, maker or name of manufacturer, as well as model, type and brand name. Be sure to specify screw retained or cement retained restorations. We recommend screw retained for low emergence profile, posterior restorations. However, for anterior implant restorations, we recommend cement retained with customized zirconia abutment, anodized gold titanium abutment, or titanium abutment.

Please contact us with any further questions you may have and ask us about our free shipping program. We will ship to any location in the world that is allowed by US law. Be sure to request shipping labels from us as well! When shipping plaster models or stone models to us such as opposing models or study models, be sure to wrap with bubble or other protections to avoid damages during transits. You do not need to wrap (PVS) polyvinyl siloxane impressions, but make sure they are not pressed against each other to avoid distortion during transit. We strongly recommend to set a little longer in patient’s mouth, at least 2 minutes or longer than recommended by the manufacturer.

PVS Impressions
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