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Perth Implant Dental Laboratory

Welcome to iDental Lab, where we take pride in our long track record of serving dentists as a trusted Perth implant dental laboratory. We are a full service dental laboratory that is dedicated to providing quality service that will satisfy your patients. 

iDental Lab specializes in implant restoration

At iDental Lab, we have the skilled, experienced staff of specialized technicians that are able to address cases both simple and complex in nature. We simplify the process of restoring dental implants. In fact, we manage the entire process so that you don’t have to worry about the tedious logistics of each case.

Not only do we serve local dental practices as a trusted Perth implant dental laboratory in Perth Australia, but iDental Lab serves clientele that stretches all across the globe. You will get the service you would expect from a small, hometown business but with the resources of a global giant in cosmetic dental space.

Why work with iDental Lab?

iDental Lab boasts all the characteristics that dental practices are typically looking for in a dental laboratory. This includes:

  • A seasoned staff that will provide quality work and is knowledgeable enough to service all types of implants. These are professionals that are striving to provide quality work that maximizes patient satisfaction while minimizing their chair time.

  • Quick turnaround times. This is something that local practices are almost always looking for out of a Perth implant dental laboratory. They want to know that they aren’t facing a lengthy timeline when it comes to addressing cases. iDental Lab provides some of the quickest turnaround times. In fact, we only need 10 working days with a case in our state-of-the-art lab. It will get the personal attention of one of our technicians.

  • Easy-to-manage service. iDental Lab streamlines the process. From accepting a wide range of digital file types to providing you with a free shipping label and shipping your case out (free for regular clients in Perth Australia), we stress simplicity from start to finish. We also provide competitive, transparent pricing so you don’t have to worry about hidden fees.

iDental Lab is ready to take your case. Connect with our team to get a free shipping label and start the process. Entrust our team as your Perth implant dental laboratory.

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iDental Implant Laboratory