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Patient Specific Titanium Implant Abutments and Crowns

iDental Lab offers state-of-the-art dental implant manufacturing facility that is equipped with the latest dental technology and follows international standard procedures. We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of premium quality, patient specific titanium implant abutments and crowns in the United States and all over the world.

Our clients choose iDental Lab for several reasons, including our superior quality dental products, our reasonable rates, our reliable customer services, and our timely delivery service.

It has taken us years to reach where we stand today, and we must admit that our biggest motivation has always been the thousands of smiles that we have restored.

Worldwide Trusted Dental Implant Laboratory

Worldwide A-list dentists and dental clinics trust and recommend iDental Lab because they are sure about the fact that our team never compromises on the quality of dental patient specific titanium implant abutments and crowns. Our dental technicians and master ceramists have years of experience. Thus they can easily handle even the most complex implant dental restoration cases.

Our laboratory is equipped with the latest dental technology, and all the procedures are according to international standards. iDental Lab ensures the utmost convenience of our customers; thus, to make the dental implant construction process easier and quicker, we accept patients’ implant impression digitally from nearly all popularly used intraoral scanners.

Worldwide Shipping

Providing worldwide quick and pocket-friendly delivery is significantly essential for us. iDental Lab excels at completing all of our orders on time, thanks to our skilled dental team, state-of-the-art laboratories that are equipped with the latest technology and procedures.

However, when it comes to delivering dental implants to dental offices all over the world, this is where the real challenge starts! Thanks to our partnership with the world’s most trusted delivery service providers, every order is timely delivered to our customers. We also offer free delivery to our regular clients.

Contact iDental Lab

For further details about our patient specific titanium implant abutments and crowns, rates, and delivery service, please contact us via our website. Our team will look forward to receiving your questions about our dental products and procedures.

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