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We promise that our products are free of defect of materials and craftsmanship. We will replace, free of charge, for up to five years (excluding veneers) as long as you are our regular client. To qualify as a regular client, we need you to send five or more cases per month to iDental Lab. The warranty covers labors only and doesn’t include parts (e.g. gold, material, screw, analog, scan body, and link). If you do not qualify as a regular client, we will replace free of charge, up to 12 months. Please refer to our “Remake Policy” under “Terms and Conditions”.

Since every case is unique to each patient, and is tailored to fit each individual patient; there are no solutions that are applicable to all situations. Every restoration will be a case-by-case basis. What works for one patient, may not work on other patients. In addition, the condition of your patient, your preparation, impressions and impression materials, bite conditions, gum health will work differently on each given patient. Therefore, we can only guaranty that our restoration will fit perfectly on the models. It is your decision to select the most appropriate materials for your patients. Our technical support team is available to give you our recommendation based on your given situation of your patient’s conditions, but you will be the ultimate person responsible for the final decision of the material selections and the design of the restorations.

If you select monolithic zirconia crowns for anterior restorations, you will not have any incisor translucency, but monochromatic zirconia characteristics. We strongly recommend not selecting monolithic full zirconia materials for any anterior restorations, unless the patient has bruxism or a heavy grinder. In addition, please avoid IPS emax (emax crowns) for 3 units or more bridgework, unless they are anterior restorations without bruxism conditions. Regardless, we do not guaranty that an emax bridge will not fracture.

There are many factors that may contribute to the failure of porcelain veneers.  We will promise that our porcelain veneers will fit perfectly on the models, but we can’t promise the longevity and suitability of veneers.  We have seen some veneers that last for decades or just a few days. Please be sure to send us the study model and detail measurement for all cosmetic cases and we will attempt to duplicate as close as possible. We cannot promise that they will match perfectly.

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