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Newcastle Implant Dental Laboratory

It’s important for a local dental practice to team up with a trusted, proven Newcastle implant dental laboratory. You need a team that is going to provide quality implant restoration that is delivered in a timely fashion.

Here at iDental Lab, that’s exactly what you can expect from our knowledgeable and experienced staff. iDental Lab is a full-service cosmetic dental laboratory and we specialize in implant restoration.

Not only do we work with local practices as their trusted Newcastle implant dental laboratory in Newcastle Australia, but we provide this same reliable, quality service for practices all across the world. iDental Lab is a global name in the industry, but we provide a close, personal brand of service for every client we work with.

Leverage the knowledge, skill and expertise of our staff of technicians

iDental Lab is home to a staff of highly experienced and skilled technicians, some of which specialize solely on implants. Having these savvy professionals tending to your implant restoration cases provide a variety of benefits that come with working with a team that:

  • Is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and the highest quality materials available. This ensures that the finished product is going to meet the needs of your patient.

  • Is able to restore all brands and types of implant platforms. We will need detailed information on the implant fixtures, but our vast experience certainly comes in handy in order to provide quality work on implants from various manufacturers.

  • Will manage both simple and complex cases. The talent inside of our Newcastle implant dental laboratory is what makes iDental Lab so effective in providing work that benefits the practices we work with. Your case will get the undivided attention of one of our specialists to ensure that it is addressed the right way the first time — no cutting corners, no need to come back to us again to get it done right a second time.

With iDental Lab as your choice in Newcastle implant dental laboratory, your practice is able to offer patients effective dental implant service that they will be satisfied with. Connect with iDental Lab right now via phone, e-mail or through our online form. We can get you a free shipping label to send implant case to us from Newcastle Australia.

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iDental Implant Laboratory