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Layered Zirconia Implant Restorations

iDental Lab is one of the top dental restoration implant laboratories in the world, specializing in natural-looking custom customized layered zirconia implant restorations that combine aesthetics with high strength. Our top of the line services is available to not only restorative dental practices locally, but also to other countries around the world. We provide free global shipping services to all orders that meet our minimum requirements with the help of our robust worldwide shipping network.

Our zirconia-layered implants are holistic friendly, and US FDA approved biocompatible ceramic material that does not interfere with the flow of energy through the body. The biocompatible nature of zirconia implants makes them the perfect dental restoration material for your patients who follow to holistic health ideology.

Customized layered zirconia implant restorations offer natural-looking restorations that resemble natural teeth, which makes them perfect for dental restoration in the aesthetic anterior of the mouth.

Zirconia is white, which is much more natural-looking than metal implants. Customized layered zirconia implant restorations mimic the translucency and color that looks natural.

Our customized layered zirconia implant restorations offer the following benefits:

  • Zirconia implants with a full contour that come in the final shape, our custom implants are designed and crafted by expert dental technicians and master ceramists. The result has excellent detail.
  • Layered zirconia implants offer high translucency, which looks natural and blends seamlessly with neighboring natural teeth.
  • Multiple layers allow for a more natural and gradual color change.

iDental Lab state-of-the-art lab can receive your digital impressions quickly, regardless of your location. We accept digital impressions from all major intraoral scanners, and we receive them on the same day. In the case of PVS impressions, they will arrive in our facility within a couple of days.

We maintain an international customer base of restorative dentists throughout the world through our determination and commitment towards excellence and affordability. You can connect with our customer service representative through call, email, or our website.

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