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Hamilton Cosmetic Dental Laboratory

Your choice in Hamilton cosmetic dental laboratory in Hamilton New Zealand will have a profound impact on how effectively your local dental practice is able to serve patients.

If you’re looking for a laboratory that provides the resources of a global leader in this industry, but also are looking for the streamlined, personal service associated with a locally-based lab, then you have come to the right place.

iDental Lab is a trusted, full-service cosmetic dental lab for a long list of dental practices. We’re not just a Hamilton cosmetic dental laboratory, either — we service clients throughout the world, providing them all with the same responsive service, quality work and quick turnaround times that they are looking for.

How iDental Lab helps your practice better serve its clients

Here at iDental Lab, we staff highly skilled technicians that strive to make your dental practice more effective by masterfully navigating cases both simple and complex. We handle a full range of cosmetic dental restorations, from implants and partial dentures to crowns.

When local practices utilise iDental Lab as their Hamilton cosmetic dental laboratory, they’re able to:

  • Complete procedures quicker. iDental Lab provides quick turnaround times, no matter where you’re located in the world. That’s because we streamline the entire process and we only need 10 working days to deal with your case in our cutting-edge lab.
  • Create lifelike restorations. Our work speaks for itself. iDental Lab uses the highest quality materials that are approved by the FDA in the United States. Your practice will be able to restore a natural smile for patients with our high-caliber work.
  • Address your special needs. iDental Lab works hard to accommodate the needs of each and every unique client we work with. This might mean emergency service or something else. We’re devoted to delivering for the practices we work with.

If you’re looking for the right Hamilton cosmetic dental laboratory to serve your dental practice, we invite you to experience the many benefits that come with iDental Lab. We’re standing by right now to take on your next restoration case.

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