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Full Zirconia Implant Restorations

iDental Lab is the foremost customized full zirconia implant restorations dental lab locally and internationally, and our expertise lies in designing, manufacturing, and supplying exceptional quality patient-specific dental restoration implants to restorative dentists around the globe. We are a team of dedicated, seasoned professionals with a strong reputation for delivering impeccable services and products that are trusted by dental practices worldwide.

We have designed a state-of-the-art dental restoration lab and build a team of highly experienced staff to ensure that we are capable of taking on complex implant and cosmetic cases. We have a history of not only meeting but also surpassing client’s expectations. We ensure the on-time delivery of your orders to your address anywhere in the world with the help of our global shipping partner.

When you choose iDental Lab to be your long-term partner, you get access to a team of expert dental technicians and master ceramists that create high-quality custom abutments and crowns. The customized full zirconia implant restorations we develop comply fully with local and international quality and safety standards and are manufactured using FDA approved materials.

The long-term success of our premium zirconia implants is among the top features. The biocompatible zirconia implants and crowns are designed to deliver strength and endure longevity. Our zirconia implant abutments are also superior to other alternatives because they can be created to resemble tooth-like contours and provide a natural composition.

We don’t believe in compromising quality or cutting corners to make our services more affordable or quicker. iDental Lab takes your dental restoration practice very seriously and is committed to providing only the best services for an affordable price. We have established strict procedures and guidelines to ensure consistent quality and supreme precision.

To learn more about our full range of services and dental implant solutions, including customized full zirconia implant restorations, you can give us a call or email us. We strive to nurture a long-term partnership with your dental practice by providing you with fantastic value through affordable services. You can also contact our dental technicians by filling out the contact form available on our website.

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