Carestream Digital Impressions Implant Dental Laboratory

iDental Lab is a modern digital dental implant laboratory in Las Vegas Nevada, USA, with the capability to accept digital impressions, such as Carestream digital impressions. With the ability to print in-house 3D models from your Carestream digital impressions, we are much more affordable and have a much lower turnaround time, since we don’t have to wait for 3D models to arrive from outside vendors; thus, we save both time and cost.  If you have a preferred 3D model milling center, we can order 3D models from them; in this case, we ask you to add 3-4 extra days for 3D models to arrive at our location. Please be sure to include implant analog and intraoral scan body for all implant restorations.

Please let us know if you are sending in your PVS impressions along with your Carestream digital impressions, as we will hold your digital impressions until we receive your PVS impressions. In this case, please provide more time between your patient’s appointments. Please note that we will place your case on hold if your case is missing information (e.g., shade, material selection, lack of clearance) or parts (e.g., implant analog/coping, scan bodies, opposing models, study model, implant abutments, screws). Alternatively, we can order such parts as implant analogs, scan body, screws, and abutments if you provide the exact information of your implant fixtures; however, we will need an additional week to order them.

 iDental Lab is a Carestream digital impressions implant dental laboratory. Please contact us today for instruction on how to connect your Carestream intraoral scanner with our milling center. You can provide us the email address associated with your Carestream intraoral scanner so that we can enter your email address into our system. We receive your Carestream digital impressions the minute you transmit to us, regardless where you are located. Then, in our laboratory, we print 3D models, design and mill patient-specific implant abutments, fabricate implant crowns, and ship the final product back to you no longer than 10 working days later. Please note that we do not send 3D models with completed cases unless you provide us the laboratory analog or are willing to pay an additional cost for analog.

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