CAD-CAM Monolithic Titanium Screw-Retained Restoration

We are an international dental laboratory specialising in dental implant laboratory services such as CAD-CAM monolithic titanium screw-retained restoration with a free shipping program to our partners in dental practices regardless of location. From our digital center in Las Vegas Nevada USA, we ship to dentists in all corners of the world.

In this digital era, the location of a dental laboratory is no longer a factor for implant dentists anywhere in the world. We receive your cases at the same time as your current laboratory across town. Your cases will arrive in our facility the next day, or on the same day in case of digital impressions. For custom shading, you can easily upload your shade pictures to our server or email address. For repair and adjustment, you will be surprised that you do not have to return cases to the laboratory as often since we do the job properly in the first place.

We differ from other implant dental laboratories in the world:

  • Our CAD-CAM monolithic titanium screw-retained restoration are crafted by highly talented and skilled implant technicians who restore one implant case at a time from beginning to end
  • Our fee schedules are transparent and published, with no hidden costs
  • We accept any type of digital impressions, STL-formatted scanned files or PVS impressions
  • We can restore all brands and types of implant platforms; we just need detailed information on implant fixtures
  • We only need 10 working days in our laboratory ‒ from model pour-ups to completely restored implant abutments and crowns
  • We ship directly to your door utilising the most reliable shipping company in the world

We only use United States FDA-approved materials and parts in our implant dental laboratory. We do not compromise quality or cut corners to save time and materials to restore CAD-CAM monolithic titanium screw-retained restoration. We follow the proper steps and guidelines from the textbooks and what we learned in our classes in dental technology school.

We are simply a phone call or email away. Call us today to request a free shipping label to get started. We promise you will not regret your decision. You can contact us now through the website contact form, and one of our implant specialists will follow up with you as soon as possible.

CAD CAM Customized Zirconia Abutments
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