Brisbane Implant Dental Laboratory

Welcome to iDental Lab, where our dedicated staff of specialists strives every day to serve as, not just the premier Brisbane implant dental laboratory, but as a trusted resource for dental practices located across the globe!

At iDental Lab, we serve as a dental laboratory that specializes in dental implants. Through our quality products and superior service, we are able to help dental practices here in Brisbane Australia provide this valuable, life-changing service to their patients.

Benefit from a streamlined process that yields the results you’re looking for!

iDental Lab has developed a seamless process of working with dental practices, ensuring that they not only get quality implant restorations, but that this work is delivered in a timely fashion. Being able to move quickly for your patients is important.

The following is a little bit of information on how iDental Lab provides quick, effective work as your trusted Brisbane implant dental laboratory.

  • Thanks to advanced technology, iDental Lab is able to work with practices around the world, making it easy for them to submit their digital files.

  • iDental Lab accepts a wide range of file types, minimizing the likelihood that we would have to go back and ask for you to re-format or submit them again.

  • We only ask for 10 working days in the laboratory. Your restoration will be administered by a specialized technician that will provide quality work.

  • Are you worried about shipping fees adding to your overhead? When you make iDental Lab your regular Brisbane implant dental laboratory, all implants will ship to you for free to Brisbane Australia and by using the most trusted name in the shipping industry for your added peace of mind.

At iDental Lab, we want the dental practices we work with to be able to focus on caring for their patients, not handling the tedious logistics of implant restoration lab work.

Reach out to us through our handy online form, or shoot us an e-mail or give us a call. iDental Lab is ready to serve as your trusted Brisbane Implant Dental Laboratory.

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