Auckland Cosmetic Dental Laboratory

iDental Lab is ready to go to work for you as a trusted Auckland cosmetic dental laboratory. We provide the attentive service of a locally-owned and operated business but iDental Lab has a worldwide reach and provides quality cosmetic dental restorations for practices all around the globe and Auckland New Zealand.

Our team wants to be of benefit to your dental practice, making it easier for you to provide your patients with the smiles that they have always wanted without the headaches that come with managing all the logistics associated with lab work.

When you choose iDental Lab as your choice in Auckland cosmetic dental laboratory, you will be working with a team that stresses:

  • Quality and consistency: We use only the highest quality materials that are always approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration. We dedicate a single technician to each case to ensure that it is handled the right way from start to finish. We don’t just provide quality work — we provide quality work on a consistent basis.

  • Strong client service and support: At iDental Lab, our team wants to make life easier for you and your practice. That’s why we communicate clearly with each of our clients and we manage all phases of the process. Each case will be addressed simply and easily.

  • Staying on the cutting-edge of the industry: As technology evolves, so too do the innovations associated with cosmetic dentistry. You need to work with an Auckland cosmetic dental laboratory that focuses on continued education so that you are always getting the latest and greatest service.

From quick turnaround times (we only need 10 working days in the lab with your case) to the ability to restore all brands and types of dental implants, you can trust that iDental Lab will provide you with a strategic benefit in the competitive industry of cosmetic dentistry.

Get started now. Get a free shipping label to send us digital files or impressions for your case and see why so many practices rely on iDental Lab as their choice of Auckland cosmetic dental laboratory in Auckland New Zealand.

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