Adelaide Implant Dental Laboratory

If your dental practice is looking for a reliable Adelaide implant dental laboratory, then we invite you to connect with our dedicated staff at iDental Lab. We proudly stand as one of the world’s leading dental labs for dental implant restorations and other complex restoration services.

If your practice has a need for quality implants that are delivered via streamlined, convenient service, then start by connecting with a member of the iDental Lab staff and telling us more about your needs.

Shipping dental implants on a worldwide scale

iDental Lab doesn’t just provide dental practices in Adelaide Australia with implants and other important cosmetic dentistry services. In fact, our reach extends far beyond Australia, as well. iDental Lab works with dental practices all around the world, providing them with quality-made implants that are comprised of United States Food and Drug Administration-approved materials.

Some practices might be a little hesitant to work with a company that extends their services across the globe. You don’t have to worry — iDental Lab will prove effective as your Adelaide implant dental laboratory of choice, providing you with:

  • Quick turnaround times, which is vital in allowing the dental practices we work with to best serve their patients.

  • Skilled, accomplished professionals on our staff that are able to address both simple and complex cases. Each project receives the personal attention of one of our specialists.

  • Personal service that will make you feel like a priority. We’ll walk you through the process, from submitting digital files for your case to delivering the finished implants. You’ll always be able to connect with our team for answers to your questions or concerns.

iDental Lab serves admirably as a strategic partner for a long list of dental practices. We want your practice to be able to deliver the best possible dental implants for patients, helping them to restore their smiles and confidence.

Let’s team up to take on this important work together. Connect with iDental Lab via phone or email and make our team your trusted Adelaide implant dental laboratory.

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