Adelaide Cosmetic Dental Laboratory

Work with an industry-leading Adelaide cosmetic dental laboratory by connecting with the friendly staff here at iDental Lab. While our digital center is located across the world in Las Vegas Nevada, United States, we still provide dental practices all across the world, including right here in Adelaide Australia, with outstanding work and close, personal service.

Your dental practice needs access to a reliable laboratory and staff in order to best serve your patients. When you work with iDental Lab, you will have experts working hard on each case ensuring that your patients are going to be happy with the finished results.

iDental Lab makes the process quick and easy

It’s important to work with an Adelaide cosmetic dental laboratory that streamlines the process of submitting cases and receiving them back in a timely fashion. As a busy practice owner, you don’t have time to micromanage the process.

When you work with iDental Lab, communication is seamless and the process is simple and quick thanks to the fact that we:

  • Accept both STL-formatted scanned files and PVS impressions
  • Make it easy to submit all the information associated with a case
  • Only need 10 working days with your case in the lab
  • Staff a single specialized technician to handle your case from start to finish
  • Ship for free to regular clients
  • Are trained to restore all brands and implant types
  • Provide up-front, transparent pricing

The dental practices that we work with value all of these things about our business model and they find that we are easy to work with and they get to focus on what really matters — getting face-to-face time with their patients and helping them reach their goals.

If you’re looking for an Adelaide cosmetic dental laboratory that will enhance your dental practice and make you more effective as a dental professional, then we invite you to lean on the knowledge and expertise on staff here at iDental Lab.

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